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Collaborative robots

Alicona Cobots combine a collaborative 6-axis robot and a robust optical 3D measurement sensor to deliver traceable and repeatable high-resolution measurements, even in production. They require no prior knowledge of metrology and make handling, programming, and executing measurement series easy. This is made possible by intuitive hand-guided controls for the teach-in of measurement series, automatic measurement evaluation, and a no-enclosures safety concept. As a result, Cobots are ideal for verifying the surface state and dimensional accuracy of work pieces in existing production environments. The following real-world examples demonstrate the advantages and capabilities of two new Alicona Cobots. The DiscCobot is used to automatically verify the edges of turbine discs and the highly flexible Tool-Cobot allows users to measure large tools directly in the machine tool.

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Admin - Worker Mode

Smartphone app

Joystick & handle bars

Safety features


Avoiding sharp edges on turbine disks

The DiscCobot is used for the quality assurance of turbine discs weighing up to 120 kg. By verifying minimal radii, it prevents sharp edges that can, in the worst case, compromise aircraft safety. Operating and programming the Cobot is easy and intuitive. The robot arm, with its attached measuring sensor, is easily and conveniently manipulated by the operator to reach the desired surface position. Two handles with an integrated joystick are mounted on the sensor, making the robot arm easy to move. A smartphone app displays the live view for manual, precise positioning and measurement. Using connected automation software, any series of measurements can be defined at several positions, which the operator then starts with the press of a button. Control and measurement are fully automated, and upon completion the worker receives a measurement report with OK or Not OK details.


Measuring tools directly in the tool machine

Designed for measuring large tools, the Tool- Cobot is an innovative addition to Alicona’s range of optical edge measuring devices. It is used, in the quality assurance of drills, millers etc. with shanks of up to 1 m in length. In addition, hobs and broaching tools are measured. The ToolCobot features an HSK interface for easy tool fitting and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally thanks to its flexible axes, ensuring ergonomic operation. The system is also mounted on wheels for added mobility, meaning the Cobot can easily be moved to wherever it is needed. No more re-clamping components or work pieces from the tool machine to measure them—the ToolCobot inspects them directly in the machine. This way, defects and tolerance deviations are detected at an early stage rather than at the end of the production process, preventing faulty components from being produced.


Universal solution for industrial quality assurance

Whereas the existing ToolCobot and DiscCobot are application-specific solutions for the tooling and aerospace industry, the new CompactCobot is a universal solution applicable to all industries to verify surface state and dimensional accuracy of also large components.

Turbine Cobot

High-resolution and automatic measurement of micro-structured surface features

The Turbine Cobot is used for the automatic measurement of break edges on turbine cases. Up to 500 measuring positions are taught-in and measured automatically.