Stanztec Highlights 2018 /// 19th to 21st June 2018

Optimize your punching, pressing,
bending and forming processes

With Alicona measuring technology you verify the quality of semi-finished products, punching tools and punched components during production.

The new µCMM

Measure components with extremely tight tolerances in high accuracy

μCMM is the most accurate purely optical micro-coordinate measuring system in its class. Users combine advantages from tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology and measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor. The optical CMM offers high geometric accuracy of several optical 3D measurements in relation to each other, enabling the measurement of small surface details on large components and precisely determining the position of these individual measurements in relation to each other.

Automated placing and measurement

See the new automation solution that makes it possible to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes. Therefore an optical measurement system is extended with a robot arm to automatically pick, place, measure and sort components. Pick & Place can also be used in smaller production environments and pays for itself within ten months.

Defect measurement

The AutomationManager software now offers a new add-on that automatically detects and quantifies defects on component surfaces and edges. The area-based 3D measurement technology makes it possible to measure and visualize defects and scratches over large areas (10x10 cm). In addition to other parameters, users can evaluate the number, length, depth, volume and height of the defects.

Compact Cobot

The new 3D measurement robot "Compact Cobot" is a universal solution for automated measurement of form and roughness of precision components. Measurements are carried out with repeatable accuracy and traceability even under production conditions, the operation is intuitive and does not require any previous knowledge of measurement technology.